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Kellie has been doing embroidery work for over a decade and she knows how to turn your graphics into a stunning finished product that you and your clients will be excited to wear.  We do large jobs and small jobs and we can help out with graphics as well.  Even if you just have an old embroidered garment, we can turn that into artwork too.

Thread Matters

Embroidery thread…most people never give it a thought. Did you know that some common embroidery thread will fade prematurely and weaken, resulting in fraying? We pride ourselves on using only high quality thread resulting in strong embroidery and vibrant colors that will still look great over time.

Hats, shirts, blankets, car mats, leather and more

Customizing a product with a great embroidered logo is why we’re here. Have a unique idea for what you’d like embroidered? We’ll help you make that project a reality.  Check out some of the projects we’ve done.

Looking for garment options for embroidery?

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Please note, prices in the catalog are meant to be a guide and may not include embroidery costs. We show you the prices just so you understand about how much each item will cost you. Once you select something, we’ll work with you to get a final quote.

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